Exhibit 1, 202 FW 4
Sample Letter of Disk Verification

April 12, 2010

Series: Administrative Procedure

Part 202: The Federal Register

Originating Office: Division of Policy and Directives Management



PDF Version


MS Word Version





Raymond A. Mosley, Director

Office of the Federal Register

800 N. Capitol Street NW, Suite 700

Washington, DC 20001

[destination phone number (e.g., Fed Ex airbill asks for it): 2027416000]


Dear Mr. Mosley:


This is to certify that the enclosed disk containing an [MS WORD VERSION X] file furnished with the [RULE, PROPOSED RULE, NOTICE] concerning [INSERT SUBJECT (suggested: put the subject line from the first page of your document, and, for rules and proposed rules, the RIN number)] is a true copy of the original signed document.


Please send an email to FWS_FedRegPub@fws.gov to confirm the publication date of this document. Thank you.






                                                                        [YOUR NAME]

                                                                        [YOUR TITLE]






For information on the content of this exhibit, contact the Division of Policy and Directives Management.


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