373 FW 3, Implementation and Reporting

FWM#:    240 (replaces 373 FW 1, FWM 110, 8/4/93)
Date:       March 14, 1996
Series:     Facility Management
Part 373: Energy Management and Water Conservation
Originating Office: Division of Engineering

3.1 Implementation Plan. Assignments and responsibilities for implementing the Service's energy conservation program are contained in the Energy Management Plan. The plan is updated periodically by the Division of Engineering to reflect new mandates which require long-term plans for building and vehicle energy reduction. The Energy Management Plan is issued by the Assistant Director - Policy, Budget and Administration and distributed by the Division of Engineering.

3.2 Budgeting for Energy Efficiency Projects.  Budget requests for energy efficiency projects prepared by the Division of Engineering will include project descriptions, costs, and Savings-to-Investment Ratios (in accordance with the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and 10 CFR 436), and shall be considered as line-item requests.  Energy retrofits accomplished as part of facility rehabilitation and repair programs, including the Service's Maintenance Management System, will be done on a site-specific basis as funding is available regardless of energy payback rankings.

3.2 Energy Use Reports. Reports on energy consumption of buildings, equipment, and vehicles are required by the Department, in accordance with most energy mandates in 373 FW 1.5. The Division of Engineering is responsible for developing an energy database system, consolidating reports prepared by the Regional Energy Managers, and submitting a consolidated report to the Department. The Semi-Annual Energy Conservation Performance Report (R373-3B) includes only data.  The Annual Energy Conservation Performance Report (R373-3A) describes energy management activities and progress in implementing energy mandates and achieving energy goals.  (The format for both reports is specified by the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior.)

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