223 FW 9
Presidential Management Intern Program
FWM#:  429 (Supersedes 223 FW 9, FWM 390, 03/13/02)
Date:  August 14, 2003
Series: Personnel
Part 223:  Employment
Originating Office:Division of Human Resources

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9.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? This chapter establishes policies and procedures for implementing the Presidential Management Intern (PMI) Program. As used in this chapter, the term "we" refers to the Fish and Wildlife Service and the terms "I" and "you" refer to managers and supervisors.

9.2 To whom does this chapter apply? This chapter applies to all PMI Program participants, managers, and supervisors.

9.3 What is the PMI Program? Established by Executive Order in 1977, the PMI Program is a means to attract to Federal service outstanding individuals from a wide variety of academic disciplines who have a clear interest in and commitment to a career in the analysis and management of public policies and programs. PMI's receive an initial 2-year excepted service appointment. After successfully completing the 2-year program, PMI's may be eligible for conversion to a permanent Federal Government position.

9.4 What are the authorities for this program?

A. 5 CFR 213.

B. 5 CFR 315.

C. 5 CFR 362.

D. 5 CFR 531.

E. Executive Order 12364.

9.5 Who is responsible for administering the PMI Program?

A. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides Governmentwide recruitment, conducts an orientation program, and has a graduation ceremony for PMI Program participants.

B. The Chief, Division of Human Resources (HR) is responsible for PMI recruiting, hiring, and employment policies and procedures.

C. The Director, National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) is responsible for PMI developmental requirements and policy.

D. Supervisors are responsible for identifying PMI positions in their organizations, developing the PMI's Individual Development Plan, and ensuring completion of required training.

9. 6 What requirements must PMI's meet before entering the program? PMI's must:

A. Complete a graduate course of study at a qualifying college or university. A qualifying college is an academic institution formally accredited by an accrediting organization recognized by the Secretary of Education (34 CFR 602).

B. Receive the nomination of the dean or academic program director of their college or university.

C. Successfully complete an OPM-administered assessment process and be selected by OPM as a PMI finalist.

9.7 How can I find out which PMI's are available for hire? During the second quarter of each year, the Division of Human Resources will issue a notice to Service managers with information on the PMI Program for the coming year. This notice will include an overview of the program, information on PMI events, deadlines for participation, and points of contact. Managers interested in hiring PMI's usually participate in a job fair designed exclusively for PMI's in the spring, and, at the same time, PMI finalists may initiate contact with the various offices listed in the OPM Handbook of Projected Positions. Each PMI finalist receives the Handbook, which identifies PMI positions and contact points in the Federal agencies. You do not have to attend the job fair to hire a PMI, but the fair is an excellent opportunity to interview a large number of applicants. Every year, OPM publishes a PMI Resume Book, which is available on line. Job offers can be extended at the job fair and anytime between March 30 and December 31.

9.8 Are there any administrative requirements for hiring PMI's? You must have available a permanent full-time position to hire a PMI. In addition, OPM requires a reimbursement fee that covers costs associated with PMI recruitment, selection, placement, orientation, and graduation. The Division of Human Resources publishes administrative requirements during the second quarter of each year, and the PMI Coordinator (HR) is available to discuss human resources requirements and expectations.

9.9 What type of appointment does a PMI receive? We appoint PMI's to the excepted service under 5 CFR 213.3102(ii). Initial appointments are at the GS-9 level, with a full performance level of GS-12. You must make PMI appointments no later than December 31 of the year the PMI was selected as a finalist.

9.10 Can I hire a PMI above the entry level? The Office of Personnel Management established GS-9 as the entry level for PMI's. You cannot hire PMI's above the entry level even if they have special skills, experiences, or education. A higher step within the GS-9 grade level pay range may be permissible only if an intern has prior higher level Federal Government civilian service.

9.11 Does veterans' preference apply? Yes, veterans' preference is adjudicated by OPM and annotated on the resumes of PMI finalists. 5 CFR 302 applies when a veteran expresses an interest in a PMI position. "Expresses an interest," means a veteran contacts the office in person, by phone, or electronic mail, or provides a resume requesting consideration for a PMI appointment. If the veteran is not selected, you must prepare a written justification documenting the reason(s) why the veteran was not qualified or did not meet the criteria for the position. You must provide a copy of the justification to the veteran, if requested. Contact your servicing human resources office for additional information.

9.12 Does the Service reimburse PMI's for their household move? No. Travel expenses to the first post of duty are the responsibility of the PMI.

9.13 What are the developmental requirements for PMI's? No later than 2 weeks after the PMI enters on duty, you must have a joint meeting (in person or by phone) with the PMI and the Service PMI Training Coordinator (NCTC) to discuss the developmental requirements of the program. PMI's must meet the following developmental requirements:

A. An Individual Development Plan (IDP) (FWS Form 3-2020B or similar format).

B. A minimum of 80 hours of formal training per year.

C. At least one rotational assignment to another programmatic area.

D. A mentor that either we assign or the intern selects.

E. Participation in various OPM and Department-sponsored program activities.

9.14 When must the IDP be completed? You must complete the IDP within 30 days after the PMI enters on duty (231 FW 2). You, the PMI, and the PMI Training Coordinator (NCTC) must approve the IDP. At the end of the first year, the PMI and supervisor must review and amend the IDP as appropriate. Accomplishment of all IDP objectives at the end of the 2-year internship should demonstrate that the PMI is qualified for the target position.

9.15 What must an IDP include?

A. Required PMI training sessions (OPM, DOI and FWS).

B. Rotational assignments.

C. Other developmental activities that are a priority to the PMI and acceptable to the supervisor.

D. Participation in OPM, DOI and Service orientation and career development programs.

E. Specific short- and long-range target positions.

9.16 How many rotational assignments are required? PMI's must complete at least one rotational assignment outside the Service lasting a minimum of 60 days. We highly recommend another developmental assignment within the Service or to another bureau/agency. Assignments longer than 120 days must have a performance plan (224 FW 1).

9.17 Does the rotational assignment have to relate to the current position? The nature and subject of the rotational assignment are at the discretion of the intern and do not necessarily need to relate to the present position or current field, but should relate to the overall career path of the PMI. The PMI's supervisor and the intern should mutually agree on the timing of the assignment so that it does not conflict with the work of the office.

9.18 Should information on the rotational assignment be in writing? The PMI and the host manager must put in writing the details of the proposed developmental assignment to include:

A. Duties that the PMI will perform.

B. Dates of the assignment.

C. How the manager will appraise the PMI's performance.

D. How the assignment relates to career goals and long-term benefit to the Service.

E. Who will pay for costs associated with the assignment, including PMI's salary and travel.

9.19 How much formal training is required? You must provide a minimum of 80 hours of formal training per year for each PMI participant. All OPM-sponsored PMI training counts toward the 80-hour requirement. Highly recommended training courses include Managing Personal Growth or one of the three academy-like training sessions (Refuge, Fisheries, Ecological Services). See the NCTC Catalog of Training for a complete list of training courses. We require all PMI's to attend:

A. OPM-sponsored Orientation Training Program (3 days). Each PMI should complete this training within the first 6 to 9 months of employment. The orientation session provides valuable networking opportunities and training.

B. Department of the Interior Orientation Training (2 days).

C. OPM-sponsored Training and Graduation Ceremony (3 days).

D. FWS Employee Foundations Course (5 days).

9.20 What other developmental activities should PMI's consider?

A. Career Development Groups (CDG's). CDG's are an outgrowth of the OPM/PMI Orientation Training and PMI's should participate in CDG activities. These groups provide excellent networking opportunities and a sharing of valuable professional experiences. Time spent in these groups, outside the orientation training week, does not count toward the 80-hour training requirement.

B. Shadowing Assignments. PMI's may complete a short "shadow" assignment, not to exceed 1 week. By observing managers, PMI's will gain exposure to managerial duties, responsibilities, and approaches.

C. Readings and Seminars. Participants may have informal meetings with other PMI's or managers for the purpose of reading and discussing books or articles on public administration/management and natural resource conservation.

D. PMI Meet-the-Manager Meetings. Participants may informally meet with Service and other managers/employees to discuss their duties, responsibilities, and recommendations as well as current issues within the Service.

E. Program Impact Paper. At the end of the first and second years of the program, participants may prepare a short paper discussing their experiences and observations.

F. DOI-sponsored Brown Bag Lunches.

9.21 Should the PMI have a mentor? Each PMI must have at least one advisor or mentor. PMI mentors are senior-grade employees who can provide leadership, insight, and guidance to PMI's during their internships. PMI's may confer with the advisor(s) to discuss issues, questions, career planning, and other points associated with the program. The PMI can select a mentor of his/her choosing or we can assign one.

9.22 When can I promote a PMI? You must promote the PMI to a GS-11 after satisfactory completion of 1 year of continuous service. After 2 years of satisfactory continuous service, you may convert the PMI to career or career-conditional employment and promote him/her to the GS-12 level. You may not convert the PMI to career or career-conditional employment and promote him/her to the GS-12 prior to full completion of the 2-year internship. Conversions may be made to positions with career ladders beyond the GS-12 level if the promotion potential was identified in conjunction with the PMI's selection and appointment.

9.23 What is satisfactory performance? PMI's must attain a rating of "Results Achieved" for all of the critical results in their performance plan (224 FW 1) in order to progress and complete the program.

9.24 What happens at the end of the 2-year internship? If the PMI successfully completes the internship, you may convert him/her to a permanent position for which he/she is qualified. Managers make the decision whether or not to convert a PMI. Do not allow a conversion action to occur if the PMI's performance is not satisfactory. If you decide not to covert the PMI, you must notify the intern and the PMI Coordinator (HR) in writing at least 120 calendar days before the end of the internship. PMI's separated from the PMI program may not be reappointed to the PMI program.

9.25 Can I extend the internship? Under rare and unusual circumstances, you may request extensions of the internship up to 1 additional year. OPM must approve all requests for extensions.

A. If you want to extend a PMI's internship, submit a written request to the PMI Coordinator (HR) no later than 90 days prior to the end of the initial 2-year internship. The request must include specific reasons for the extension. The primary reason for requesting an extension should be to provide the intern with additional training or developmental activities because the intern has moved from one position to another with different qualification requirements. OPM will not grant extensions for the purpose of appraising performance or conduct.

B. At any time during an extended internship, the PMI may be converted to a career or career conditional appointment if performance is satisfactory.

9.26 Can I hire a PMI from another Federal agency? Yes. PMI's can permanently move from one agency to another during their internships. However, movement must be without a break in service, and the 2-year internship is continued.

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