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News Release

June 9, 2008

Fire Update, Map, and Photo

Click here for attached update from Incident Command Post.
Click here (pdf 621 kb) for attached fire map.

Photo credit: USFWS (picture taken 6/3/08 on Evans Road Fire)

Helicopters Use Water Buckets to Douse Small Spot Fires
On the Evans Road Fire, small helicopters, classified as Type 3, with 150 gallon water buckets, like the NCFS A-Star shown here, are used to douse small spot fires. Type 1 helicopters are much larger and have buckets that can carry as many as 1500 gallons of water. As of June 9, there were two Type 1, one Type 2 (a medium-sized helicopter), and two Type 3 helicopters working on the Evans Road Fire. Helicopters are effective for putting out spots of fire in critical locations. For areas where groundfire is more dense, pumping water into the area is the only effective way to "drown" the fire.