Kevin O’Brien - Program Analyst, Performance Information Management
Kevin leads the Performance Information Management team within the Division. He is the co-performance liaison to the DOI Performance Management Council (PMC). He also creates/ supports a number of other tasks, including, for example the SES Performance Plans application. Prior to joining FWS, Kevin worked in various positions with the Department of Transportation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Bureau of Land Management.

Kimberly Howze - Program Analyst, Performance Information Management
Kim primarily supports the Performance Information Management team within the Division. She is the co-performance liaison to the DOI Performance Management Council (PMC). She also creates training materials that support business intelligence tools and facilitates multi-level, multi-discipline meetings throughout the Service. Prior to joining FWS, Kim was a federal employee with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. She also worked as a private consultant with other federal agencies (USPTO, DOD, FWS)

Kristin Shears - Program Analyst, Conservation Business Management
Kristin has been working in some fashion with DCBM for the past 11 years, both as a contractor and in the more recent years as a Service employee. Throughout her tenure she has supported a variety of tasks including the Service's Activity-Based Costing effort, development and delivery of training for several systems, and the design and development of a nationwide Youth application to support the Secretary's priority goal. Kristin is currently focused on supporting the Conservation Business Plan and most recently lead the design and development of the SHC Version 1.0 Automated Data

Jaclyn Kilroy - Program Analyst, Business Process Innovations
Jackie is our resident process improvement specialist with an energetic (some might say 'nerdy') enthusiasm for data analysis. She's been part of the Performance team, the Human Capital Management System development/testing team, and is the Service's General Operations Advisory Council (GOAC) Coordinator.  She spent 8 years as a consultant for various federal agencies (FAA, TSA, and USPS) before joining FWS in 2008. Jackie is currently on detail at the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee for Interior, Environment and Related Agencies

Pamela Sirotzky - Program Analyst, Business Process Innovations
Pam is DCBM’s business process reengineering lead with extensive experience in business process improvement, business systems operational excellence, system design and implementation, program planning and budgeting, and contractor management. Over the past few years Pam has led the design, development and deployment of the Service’s two new Human Capital Management Systems – PD Express and Job Announcement Express. Prior to joining the federal government in 2011, Pam worked at one of the “Big Five” consulting firms and has experience working in both the private and public sectors. 

Stephen Keith - CTO/IT Specialist

Nathan Zorich - Progrm Analyst
Nate works on the technical side of the house, keeping the PTrac train moving through all of the various performance data collections. Whether it’s technical support, training videos, or website revisions, Nate is our guy.  Before coming to FWS in 2005, he had worked as a contractor for DOD setting up the Business Intelligence suite of software tools. He has recently been on loan part time with the Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS) group in Fort Collins, Colorado helping with the project management workload. His challenges and responsibilities continue to grow as ECOS expands across programs, looking to fully utilize and integrate the Services data.