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Geographic Information Systems



The GIS Program provides geospatial analysis and support for the Panama City Field Offices. The program is structured to cover all GIS office needs from data acquisition to predictive species modeling. Please visit our GIS Projects page to see what we have been up to!


GIS Contacts
Paul Lang, GIS Program Coordinator, 850.769.0552 x230
Paul provides GIS program direction. His areas of interest include: training, species modeling, habitat assessments/characterizations, species recovery support, and strategic habitat conservation partnerships.                                                             

Gayle Martin, GIS Manager, 850.769.0552 x221
Gayle manages day to day activities of the GIS program. Her areas of interest include: map making, data creation, refuge GIS support, and field data collection solutions.

Lydia Ambrose, GIS Data Manager, 850.769.0552 x223
Lydia is the lead for data management and assists with managing the daily GIS program needs. Her areas of interest include: critical habitat, CBRA determinations, data acquisition, data storage, and technical assistance. 


GIS Training
The PCFO has space available for trainings or meetings. Please contact Paul Lang regarding availability.

The National Conservation Training Center offers GIS courses to Fish and Wildlife Service employees, other government and interested non-government parties as well. 


GIS Products 
Critical Habitat

Visit the Species List & Critical Habitat Maps page for critical habitat designations and the official species list for threatened and endangered species in our service area. GIS layers for the final Critical Habitat designations are available via the Critical Habitat Portal. This portal maintains final Critical Habitat designation for federally listed species throughout the United States. For proposed designations being developed in our office, please email Gayle Martin or Lydia Ambrose with a GIS Data Request, and indicate which species you need.

Here are the currently endangered or threatened species in Northwest Florida that have a critical habitat:

 • 7 Mussels

 • 8 Mussels

 • Gulf sturgeon

 • Piping plover

• Flatwoods Salamander

• Red Knot

 • Beach mice



Last updated: March 4, 2014