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Raptor Propagation

Permit Forms

Looking for a specific Application Form or Report Form? Below are all the National Application and Reporting Forms.

Don't know which form you need? Visit our Permits page.

Annual Report Forms are available on our Annual Report page

Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) Forms:

General Migratory Bird Permit Renewal

Special Purpose Miscellaneous

Migratory Bird Conflict

Depredating Migratory Birds
Resident Canada Goose Egg
Special Canada Goose (state agencies only)

Migratory Bird Use for Science/Education

Scientific Collecting

Special Purpose, Salvage
Special Purpose - Possession for Education (Dead Birds)
Special Purpose - Possession for Education (Live Birds)
Education Acquisition and Transfer Request

Migratory Bird Possession

Special Purpose Game Bird
Waterfowl Sale and Disposal
Notice of Transfer or Sale of Migratory Waterfowl

Raptor Possession

Special Purpose Abatement Activities Using Raptors
Raptor Propagation
Raptor (CITES/MBTA) Export
Migratory Bird Acquisition and Disposition Report
Region 1 Bird Band Request Form

All general and eagle falconry permits are managed by the states. Please see our Falconry Page for more information.

Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (BAGEPA) Forms:

General Eagle Permit Renewal

Eagle Conflict

Depredating Eagles
Eagle Non-purposeful Take
Take of Eagle Nests
Removal of Golden Eagle Nests (during Resource Development)

Native American Permits

Eagle Parts for Native American Religious Purposes:
- Permit Application
- Re-Order Request
International Transport (for Native American Religious Purposes)
Native American Take for Religious Use
Native American Eagle Aviary

Eagle Use for Science/Education

Eagle Exhibition
Eagle Scientific Collecting (same form as Migratory Bird Scientific Collecting)
International Transport of Eagles (for Scientific or Exhibition Purposes)

Last Updated: March 17, 2015
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