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Port of Portland - Portland, Oregon

Wildlife Inspector Inspecting Wildlife Pelt

In 1990, Portland became a designated port of entry for clearance of international shipments of fish and wildlife. The Portland International Airport hosts 17 international and domestic airlines and 4 international flights daily from Japan, Germany, and Mexico with passengers and cargo from Asia, the Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. The Port of Portland also has 4 marine terminals with 8 shipping lines that process approximately 12 million (metric) tons of cargo per year.

Top import commodities coming through this port include seashells and shell products, shoes, and meat and feathers, followed by live coral and coral products; deer and kangaroo skin products; mounted butterflies; live tropical fish and reptiles; and alligator and reptile products. Top export commodities include antlers and skins/skin pieces of white-tailed deer; mule deer; gray squirrels; fox squirrels; partridge, and elk; live egg exports; and feathers primarily used for making of fishing flies.

This port of entry is located approximately ten miles east of downtown Portland. The Wildlife Inspectors process approximately 80% commercial and 20% trophy shipments.  Annually, over 1000 declared shipments are inspected.



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Telephone: 503-231-6135
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You can also contact the Resident Agent in Charge located in Wilsonville, Oregon, which oversees this office.

Last updated: December 3, 2013

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