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The Wildlife Inspectors assigned to the Torrance Office are responsible for all wildlife inspection demands generated at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX - cargo and passenger), satellite facilities at Ontario International Airport, Palm Springs International Airport, Victorville Logistics Airport, an international mail facility, several international courier companies (DHL, Airborne Express, Federal Express, et al), and the seaports of  Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors and Port Hueneme, CA. The Port of Los Angeles at LAX has 1000 daily cargo flights, 50% of them are international.  Air cargo accounts for 82% of the wildlife shipments imported into Los Angeles. The primary wildlife commodity imported into LAX was live animals, including tropical fish, invertebrates, live coral, and reptiles.

There are nine passenger terminals at LAX.  These terminals host 78 international and domestic airline carriers.  Over 16 million international passengers transit LAX each year.  Cases generated as a result of inspections of passengers from this region include Sea Turtle eggs or products, Ocelot skins, parrots, live reptiles and their products, and protected insects.  Over 200,000 passengers arrived from China, India, and countries throughout Asia.  Violations typically encountered as a result of inspections on passengers from this region include: Asian Arowanas; Elephant ivory or other products; medicinal products such as Tiger bone, Rhinoceros horn and Asiatic Black Bear bile; and injurious species such as Snakehead fish and Mitten Crabs.

The ocean ports have 27 ocean cargo terminals, 80 shipping lines, and 12 cruise lines.  A total of 3.9 million tons of ocean freight are processed annually.  Port Hueneme is a deep water port for ocean cargo, located 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles.



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You can also contact the Resident Agent in Charge in Torrance, California which oversees this office.

Last updated: December 3, 2013

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