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Other Permits Issued by Law Enforcement

CITES Export Permits for Certain Wildlife

Law Enforcement issues CITES export permits for furs or skins of bobcat, river otter, Alaska lynx, Alaska gray wolf, Alaska brown bear, or American alligator. Law Enforcement also issues CITES permits for the export of a sport-hunted trophy and its parts, products, and derivatives of the Alaskan population of black bear.

CITES Re-Export Certificates for Certain Wildlife

Law Enforcement issues re-export certificates for Appendix -II and –III wildlife unless a permit is required under 50 CFR Part 17 (Endangered or Threatened Species), Part 18 (Marine Mammal), or Part 21 (Migratory Bird). If a permit is required under these regulations, the Division of Management Authority will issue the re-export certificate.

Last updated: December 3, 2013

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