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Electrocuted Hawk on Transformer

Oregon ranks third highest in the U.S., having (54) listings of animals and plants. The priority sensitive species include the Bull Trout, Northern Spotted Owl, Marbled Murrelet, Bald Eagle, Western Snowy Plover, and the Grey Wolf. Endangered plants and insects such as the Fender’s Blue and Oregon Silver Spot butterflies, and Kincaid’s Lupine, are most sensitive to the growing urbanization in the Willamette Valley. The Klamath Basin also has Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet on the southern coast along with the Short-nose Sucker and the Lost River Sucker.

Oregon is a major stopover and wintering area on the Pacific Flyway.  The state hosts the largest concentration of wintering Bald Eagles and the highest National Wildlife Refuge waterfowl hunter days, all in the Klamath Basin, which extends from southern Oregon into northern California. Migratory bird investigations include the tracking of raptor electrocutions and development of Avian Protection plans for installation of raptor protection devices on hazardous power poles. The northeast corner of Oregon has more than 400 wind energy sites. Waterfowl hunting enforcement on private lands requires our attention as well as illicit pesticide use that continues to impact Bald Eagle and other protected migratory bird populations in the Willamette Valley. Our agents provide assistance to National Wildlife Refuges for seasonal waterfowl enforcement at Willamette Valley and Columbia River refuges. Over 100 “invader” species have become established in Oregon estuaries.  These include Japanese Eel Grass, Spartina, Purple Varnish Clams, Asian Clams, Chinese Mitten Crabs, and the European Green Crabs. Special Agents work closely with the Oregon State Police (OSP), Wildlife Division, on waterfowl enforcement and Lacey Act investigations involving migratory birds, native fish and big game enforcement. 

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