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The number of endangered species in the Pacific and California/Nevada regions comprises nearly two-thirds (63%) of all U.S. endangered species. We are the major Pacific Rim gateway to the U.S. International ports of entry which include 18 passenger airports (including 7 air cargo facilities), 5 border cargo ports, and 14 water cargo ports. Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, harbors are the top international import cargo ports in the United States. 
The States of California and Hawai`i combined claim 615 (77%) of the Regions' 803 listed wildlife and plant species; followed by the States of Oregon with 54 (6%), Washington with 41 (5%), Nevada with 38 (5%), the Pacific Island Territories with 30 (4%), and Idaho with 25 (3%).  Even the regions' less populated areas host biologically and politically sensitive species such as the Grey Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Northern Spotted Owl, Marbled Murrelet, and Bull Trout.  These areas require a law enforcement presence to directly enforce wildlife laws, foster and maintain partnerships, and promote awareness through outreach and education.

A major threat to the Pacific and California/Nevada regions directly influences biodiversity is its location in the Pacific Rim.  This gateway is a potential corridor for the introduction of invasive species that could jeopardize the fragile balance of ecological webs throughout the United States. Recent examples of such threats include interception of commercial Snakehead and Mitten Crab shipments that were destined for the restaurant trade. The volume of illegal internet sales of injurious wildlife that originate in the Pacific Rim area is significant. 

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Last updated: December 3, 2013

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