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Resident Agent in Charge (RAC) - Northern California/Nevada

Red-legged Frog

The Northern California RAC Sub-District is responsible for one of the most ecologically diverse areas in the United States, ranging from arid sand dunes in the Mojave Desert to snow-capped crags in the high Sierras, from rich farm land in the Central Valley to rain-soaked redwood forests along the Pacific coast. Only in northern California can you find both the highest and lowest elevations in the contiguous U.S., at Mt. Whitney (14,494 feet above sea level) and Death Valley (282 feet below sea level). This incredibly diverse geography provides habitat for a vast array of wildlife, including high-profile species once found nowhere else: the California Condor, Golden Trout, and the Tule Elk, to name but a few. It is no wonder that this land is also home to three of the world's most impressive trees: the Bristle-cone Pine (the oldest), the Redwood (the tallest), and the Sequoia (the most massive).

Northern California is also home to a burgeoning human population whose numbers are projected to increase by nearly 49% through 2020.  This explosive growth will almost certainly exact a heavy toll on the environment. The number of endangered and threatened plants and animals in this half of the Golden State currently stands at 242, with more candidates likey on the way.




You can also contact the Special Agent in Charge located in Sherwood, Oregon which oversees these offices..

Last updated: March 23, 2011

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