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Oregon’s land mass is over 95,000 square miles and features contrasting physical features such as forested mountain slopes and treeless basins, significant rivers and barren playas, lush valleys and extensive wastelands. The 300 miles of Pacific shoreline is bordered by narrow coastal plains of sandy beaches and pastures. About 25 miles inland, the rugged Coast Range rises to heights of 4,000 ft to serve as the western wall of the Willamette Valley. The navigable Willamette River flows north through miles of rolling farm lands into the Columbia River where lies the agricultural, commercial, and industrial centers of the state.

The Cascades are east of the Willamette River, with Mt. Hood rising to the state’s highest elevation at 11,235 ft. Significant stands of timber, many protected as national forests, cover the slopes to the south, and a variegated pattern of marshland and mountains merge in the east into a semiarid basin and range land. Little vegetation grows here, and the absence of potable water makes habitation difficult. Located north of this area rises the Blue and Wallowa Mountains which, in some places, extend to the Snake River to form large gorges. Other parts of the region where the Snake River cuts through the plateau are more level and have been made productive through irrigation.

The Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) employees located in the Oregon/Idaho subdistrict focus on a variety of investigations and international import/export work. Each office can be viewed using the links below.



You can also contact the Special Agent in Charge located in Portland, Oregon, which oversees this office.

Last updated: December 3, 2013

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