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The greater San Francisco Bay (Bay) area, including nine surrounding counties, has a very dense and growing population of approximately 7 million people. Burlingame is one of the most dynamic places to work with its dense population, highly-complex casework and significant import/export activity. This area encompasses one national seashore and one very large national marine sanctuary.

A total of 73 listed species (49 endangered and 24 threatened) are found in the counties covered by the Burlingame Office of Law Enforcement. The priority listed species include the California Tiger Salamander, Red-legged Frog, Fairy Shrimp, Snowy Plover, Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, and the San Francisco Garter Snake.

Special Agents assigned to the Burlingame office spend considerable time pursuing smuggling investigations. The Bay area, with its huge and highly-diversified population, is a hub for international wildlife trafficking. The Black Market trade includes rare tropical fish, live reptiles, and Asian medicinal products containing Asiatic Black Bear bile, Tiger bone, Rhinoceros horn, and other protected species. Some of the more significant cases have involved illegal trafficking in rare reptiles and Asian Arowanas. The Special Agents also conduct e-commerce investigations involving internet sales of federally protected wildlife.

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Telephone: 650-876-9078
Fax: 650-876-9701

You can also contact the Resident Agent in Charge located in Sacramento, California which oversees this office.

Last updated: December 3, 2013

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