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Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Revised Proposed Designation of Critical Habitat for 12 Species of Picture-wing Flies From the Hawaiian Islands

Subject and purpose:  Documentation of the proposed designation of critical habitat for 12 species of picture-wing flies from the Hawaiian Islands (Drosophila aglaia, D. differens, D. hemipeza, D. heteroneura, D. montgomeryi, D. mulli, D. musaphilia, D. neoclavisetae, D. obatai, D. ochrobasis, D. substenoptera,and D. tarphytrichia)

Point of contact:  Christa Russell, Pacific Islands Office; 300 Ala Moana Blvd., Rm 3-122, Honolulu, HI 96850, telephone (808) 792-9400, or by electronic mail at

Importance of scientific information:  The proposed critical habitat documents regulatory effects under the Endangered Species Act.

Timeline:  The proposed critical habitat designation was published in the Federal Register on November 28, 2007.  The final critical habitat designation is due to the Federal Register on November 15, 2008.  Letters to peer reviewers requesting a peer review were distributed on November 30, 2007, and we accepted comments from peer reviewers until the close of the public comment period on January 28, 2008. 

Type of review:  Letter

Number of reviewers:  Fifteen peer reviewers were contacted for peer review.  Four peer reviewers provided comments.  The State of Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife also provided comments.

Reviewer expertise:  Hawaiian Drosophila sp. biology and evolution; plant conservation; habitat restoration

Selection of peer reviewers:  Peer reviewers were selected based on their expertise with the subject matter and had no conflicts of interest as described in the Office of Management Peer Review Guidelines

Management of peer review:  The peer review was managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Public comment procedures:  The public has been provided the opportunity to comment on the proposed rule.  This peer review plan is made available on this website to allow the public to monitor our compliance with the Office of Management and Budget's Final Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review.


Last updated: November 5, 2013
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