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Service Announces More Than $45 Million to Support Wildlife, Habitats and Imperiled Species

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is providing more than $45 million in funding to all 50 states and territorial wildlife agencies to protect species and habitats in greatest need of conservation. More than $3 million is awarded to Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Pacific Islands that will conserve species of special concern.  The funding is being made through the Service's State Wildlife Grant (SWG) program, which has provided approximately $1 billion to states in its 14-year history to help protect our nation’s most at-risk wildlife and conserve the American landscape.

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An Oregon chub swims at Finley National Wildlife Refuge in Corvallis, Oregon.

An Oregon chub swims at Finley National Wildlife Refuge in Corvallis, Oregon. Photo by Rick Swart, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Success! Oregon Chub Becomes First Fish Delisted Under ESA Due to Recovery

The Oregon chub may be a small fish, but it made huge waves as it became the first fish ever removed from the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Animals due to recovery. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made the historic announcement at an event at the William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge in Corvallis, Oregon, attended by Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon, Curt Melcher, director of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and representatives of many other partners groups that were central to recovery of the chub.

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Monarch Butterfly on New England Aster

"We can save the monarch butterfly in North America, but only if we act quickly and together. ... Together we can create oases for monarchs in communities across the country." - Dan Ashe, USFWS Director Photo by Rick L Hansen

Service, Partners Launch Major Campaign to Save Monarch Butterfly

The Service has launched a major new campaign aimed at saving the declining monarch butterfly. The Service signed a cooperative agreement with the National Wildlife Federation, announced a major new funding initiative with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and pledged an additional $2 million in immediate funding for on-the-ground conservation projects around the country. 

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