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Visit a National Wildlife Refuge for free
Visit a National Wildlife Refuge for free FWS Image

National Wildlife Refuges Announce Fee-Free Days for 2015!

Get outside and enjoy some of the country's most magical places – America's national wildlife refuges will offer free admission on these days in 2015. The fee holidays are scheduled each year to encourage Americans to visit their public lands and enjoy firsthand the natural and cultural experiences they have to offer. There's at least one refuge in every state…and one within an hour's drive of most major metropolitan areas.

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The southern Idaho ground squirrel is about 8 to 9 inches long, with a short narrow tail, tan feet and ears, and a grey-brown throat.
This ground squirrel prefers native cover like sagebrush, bitterbrush and a variety of native forbs and grasses. FWS Image

List of Candidates for Endangered Species Act Protection Revised

Each year, the Service releases its Candidate Notice of Review, a revised list of plants and animals that merit protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) but are precluded from listing due to other, higher priorities. In 2014, 23 species are being added to the candidate list, which helps landowners and natural resource managers work to conserve these species and remove the need for greater protection. There are now 146 species recognized by the Service as candidates for listing under the ESA.

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Lillian shows off her catch with FWS and Soul River Runs Deep
Lillian shows off her catch with FWS and Soul River Runs Deep SRRD Photo w/permission

Connecting Youth to the Great Outdoors

Partnering with Soul River, the Service was able to provide fly rods to more than 100 urban youth at the Celebration of Wild Steelhead. Lillian was just one of the children to attend the fly fishing event held in Portland this past July. She received her very own Soul River fly rod and learned how to cast a line. Now, she enjoys standing beside her father, rod in hand, creating those magical memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations on your catch and your dedication as a steward of the land and an ambassador to Mother Nature.

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