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  • You're Invited! Celebrate 75 Years of Fish, Community at Leavenworth Fisheries Complex

    Leavenworth NFH in 1936

    The Leavenworth Fisheries Complex and the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival both have milestone anniversaries this year. The Complex's Hatcheries turn 75, and the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival celebrates it's 25th anniversary. 

    Read more about the history of this unique facility.

  • High Returns: Pacific Region Fishery Resources 2014 Program Highlights

    2104 Highlights Report

    2014 will be remembered as a year of near record returns. Not in terms of financial sector income and capital gains, but the number of coho, fall Chinook, and sockeye. 

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  • Just Add Water! Kids Celebrate Salmon and Conservation

    Students enjoy the lunchtime entertainment at Water Jam

    Share in the pure joy of the end of school, a beautiful day, and community conservation education in this story about Water Jam, a yearly event held at Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery.

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  • AmeriCorps Adventures: Estuary Seining on the Elwha

    Photo: Catch of the Day!  Kaylee displays one of her favorite fish species: the starry flounder (Credit: USFWS)

    An AmeriCorps Service Member working for Fisheries and Aquatic Conservation's Western Washington Fishery Resource Office shares her experience in monitoring fish responses to a free-flowing Elwha River in Washington State. 

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Program Updates

Drought and National Fish Hatcheries

High summer temperatures and drought conditions are requiring hatchery managers to use adaptive management techniques that maximize survival of on-hatchery salmon and steelhead. Early release of juvenile fish is one example. Hatchery managers hope that by releasing fish into area rivers early, juvenile fish will better adapt to higher-than-usual river temperatures and outmigrate to the ocean before temperatures become lethal.  

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Upcoming Events

  • Idaho Salmon and Steelhead Days

    news eagle September 9-11, 2015

    The  Pacific Region's Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program's Lower Snake River Compensation Plan  Office is a key partner in this annual, multi-agency effort to teach kids about salmon and steelhead biology, ecosystems, and the Snake River Basin. The event is held for three days and focused on 5th grade classes from area schools.  

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Last Updated: July 08, 2015
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