Pacific Region Hatchery Review
Pacific Region

Eagle Creek NFH Review

Eagle Creek NFH (EC)

EC -- 001 Winter Steelhead HGMP May 2005
EC -- 002 Coho salmon HGMP May 2005
EC -- 003 Coho salmon HGMP table
EC -- 004 Lower Columbia River coho status 6/06
EC -- 005 Coho OARs 6/06
EC -- 006 Feasability of bull trout in Clackamas River ppt
EC -- 007 Wild Winter Steelhead HGMP 7/20/06
EC -- 008 Spring Chinook Draft HGMP 10/04
EC -- 009 Summer Steelhead HGMP 6/26/06
EC -- 010 Doug Cramer ppt to HRT 7/27/06
EC -- 011 ODFW ESA Recovery Plan for Lower Columbia coho
EC -- 012 2006 Supplemental Steelhead BO FINAL
EC -- 013 Effects of Introduced Hatchery Winter Steelhead on Production of Wild Winter Steelhead Populations 2006
EC -- 014 Eagle Creek Briefing Book 7/15/06
EC--015 Eagle Creek Hatchery Ops Plan - IHOT 1995
EC--016 IHOT policies and Procedures
EC-017 Winter Steelhead Evaluation Report 3/97
EC--018 Coho Evaluation Report 3/97
EC--019 Coho Density CWT 10/97
EC--020 CEDC Coho 10/06
EC--021 Spring Chinook 10/06
EC--022 Coho Length Age 12/01
EC--023 Coho Final Dispostition 11/01-11/05
EC--024 Schreck et al 1985 (Aquaculture 45:345-358)
EC--025 USGS Water Quality Study
EC--026 Clackamas River History
EC--027 Intro Clackamas Basin Partnership
EC--028 Juvenile Bypass Counts J. Bartlett 2004 & 2005
EC--029 North Fork Adult Fish Ladder Counts
EC--030 Ecological Interaction Progress Report 2005
EC--031 Best Management Practices
EC--032 Revised Viability Criteria Lower Columbia TRT April 2006
EC--033 Preliminary Status Evaluation Lower Columbia TRT July 2004
EC--034 Delph Creek Hatchery History
EC--035 Banks 1992 (Prog. Fish Culturist 54:137-147)
EC--036 Matala Eagle Creek Steelhead Draft Report
EC--037 Clakamas Basin Council
EC--038 Yakima Coho HGMP
EC--039 ISRP and IEAB Joint SAFE Review 2007
EC--040 Origin of Steelhead in Eagle Creek
EC--041 Clackamas Subbasin
EC--042 Clackamas River recovery planning powerpoint
EC--043 Smoltification and Performance of Coho Salmon
EC--044 Effects of Density and Loading on Coho Salmon during Hatchery Rearing and After Release
EC--045 History of Salmon and Steelhead in the Clackamas River
EC--046 Clackamas Subbasin Fish Management Plan
EC--047 Distribution of Salmon - Habitat Potential Relative to Landscape Characteristics and Implications for Conservation
EC--048 Eagle Creek NFH 2006 Update
EC--049 Yakama Coho Master Plan
EC--050 An Evaluation of Freshwater Recoveries of Fish Released from National Fish Hatcheries in the Columbia River Basin
EC--051 Distribution and Migration Behavior of Juvenile Hatchery Coho Salmon and Steelhead Trout in Eagle Creek and Clackamas River
Pacific Region Federal Hatchery Review
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