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Science in Nature: 5th Annual High Desert Range Camp

If you will be enrolled in high school in Sept. 2015 and have an interest in wildlife, habitat, plants, and a career in natural resources -- then YOU must Apply!  This amazing summer camp will be held from June 17 through the 20th.  The High Desert Youth Range Camp (HDYRC) will show you how exciting these lands are and how important management of this habitat is to wildlife. Campers will learn about soils, plants, wildlife, using GPS units, talk with ranchers and wildlife scientists and much more! College credit is earned for all students completing camp from Treasure Valley Community College.

Learn all about this program Download the application here

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Faces of nature blog

  • Play or Work? Why Can't It Be Both?

    To the casual passerby, the sounds of young laughter and splashing in a river may evoke an image of youth hard at play; but USFWS intern, Kira Marie Cazenave, has a different story to tell.

    In this installment of Faces of Nature, Kira offers a window into what it's like to be a young 'Biologist-For-A-Day' as a group of students from Washington team up with a pair of USFWS biologists to peer beneath the surface of the Newaukum River and check up on the health of mussels and the water...and have a little fun in the process.

    Read the full story
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