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SE Portland Invasive Removal Party!

Saturday, December 6, 9:00 AM -  Join Portland Parks & Rec and Friends of Tideman Johnson, to remove invasive species from native planting areas.  Help remove encroaching plants and ensure the native trees and shrubs, previously planted, will survive and thrive. Learn about “daylighting” and how it helps native plants.  Dress for the weather and bring a water bottle.   Tools, gloves, instruction and homemade treats (thanks guys!) are provided.  Call Susan at 503-823-5937 or meet at the Sprigwater Corridor Trail.   SE 37th Ave. & Tenino St.

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Faces of nature blog

  • Play or Work? Why Can't It Be Both?

    To the casual passerby, the sounds of young laughter and splashing in a river may evoke an image of youth hard at play; but USFWS intern, Kira Marie Cazenave, has a different story to tell.

    In this installment of Faces of Nature, Kira offers a window into what it's like to be a young 'Biologist-For-A-Day' as a group of students from Washington team up with a pair of USFWS biologists to peer beneath the surface of the Newaukum River and check up on the health of mussels and the water...and have a little fun in the process.

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