Environmental Contaminants Strategic Plan
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The Region 1 Environmental Contaminants Strategic Plan is the culmination of both agency and public input from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and the Pacific Islands to help guide the program in a direction that will be useful for all.

Environmental contamination is a significant cause of injury and impairment to many of our nation's fish and wildlife. Region 1 in particular has many important trust resources that have been impacted by contaminants such as oil spills, hazardous waste sites, and other contaminant-related issues. Our Environmental Contaminants Division is dedicated to decreasing these impacts as well as restoring injured trust resources. This integrated Strategic Plan was created with input from a variety of partners, including State and Federal agencies.

We have prioritized our work based on whether proposed actions address our trust resources, achieve contaminant prevention, are cost effective, are supported by a statutory mandate, and/or whether they facilitate the Department of the Interior's responsibility to assist Tribal fish and wildlife resource management.

Region 1 has developed a series of state maps for Water Contaminant Issues, Active and Inactive Mines, and Land and Air Issues. These maps have helped us to focus our efforts with those of our partners and other divisions in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

We invite you to read our Region 1 Environmental Contaminants Strategic Plan. If you have any input our comments please contact Donald Steffeck at (503) 231-2198.

Last updated: April 29, 2010

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