Prevention, Investigation and Monitoring
Pacific Region Environmental Contaminants

Archived Reports

Golf Course Pesticide Study on Endangered Arthropods
Li, Q. Sakuda, K. Harada, R. and Guo, F. 
ID-Idaho Field Office
Lowell Lake Water Quality Assessment
Burch, S. &  King, J.
Preliminary Survey of wildlife at Lake Lowell
Kaltenecker, G.S., Beck, J.M. Taylor, D.
OR-Oregon State Field Office
Preliminary Assessment to Determine Superfund Site Impacts on the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
Buck, J.
Changes in Productivity and Environmental Contaminants in Bald Eagles Nesting Along the Lower Columbia River
Buck, J.
Environmental Contaminants in Great Blue Herons from the lower Columbia and Willamette Rivers
Thomas C.M., and R.G. Anthony
Organochlorine contaminants in Double-crested cormorants from Lewis and Clark National Wildlife refuge in the Columbia River Estuary
Buck J. and Sproul E. 
Bandon Marsh Evaluation of Clean-up
Thomas, C.M., Henson, C.M., Lowe, R.L., Buck, J.A. and Sproul, E.M.
WA-Washington Field Office
Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on Wetlands at Conboy National Wildlife Refuge 2001 Materna, E. Report Summary PDF Icon 126Kb Full Report 
Environmental Contaminants in Bald Eagles Nesting in Hood Canal 2000 Mahaffy, M.S., Ament, K.M., McMillan, AK, and Tillit, DE Report Summary  PDF Icon 476Kb Full Report  
Destruction Island
EA Engineering 
Contaminants in Sediment, Bivalves, and Eelgrass
Washington State Office

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