Natural Resource Damage Assessment & Restoration

image of wetland restorationRestoring the Resources

Restoring natural resources that have been injured by oil spills or hazardous substance releases, several steps must be taken. First, the pollution source and those responsible for the release are identified.  Next, the natural resource trustees conduct a damage assessment to determine the extent of injury to natural resources caused by the hazardous substance release. This information is used to determine the amount of restoration that is needed. The trustees seek cooperation with responsible parties to assess the injuries and correct them. Usually, a negotiated settlement is reached with the responsible parties for the cost of restoration, loss of use of the land or natural resources by the general public, and money spent to assess damages. Once a settlement has been reached, restoration plans are developed for public review and trustees can take actions to restore the injured resources. Finally, the trustees monitor the completed restoration projects to ensure success.

Current Assessment and Restoration Efforts

Coeur d'Alene Basin


Last updated: March 22, 2011
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