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Will My Activity Disturb Bald Eagles?

Roost Sites

November 15 – March 15, wintering bald eagles congregate at specific sites year-after-year for feeding and sheltering.  Bald eagles rely on these established roost sites because of their proximity to sufficient, dependable food sources.  Disturbance of bald eagles at roost sites is disturbance under the regulation because human activities may deter eagles from feeding or taking shelter, thus decreasing the rates of survival.

Foraging Roosts are often near open water where eagles feed on fish and waterfowl; however, mammals are important in drier areas. Foraging roosts may be used year round.

Communal Roosts are areas where eagles congregate at night or during daytime during inclement weather. Most are within 1-mile of a foraging site; however, in some cases eagles may travel 30 miles or more! Communal roosts are in areas protected from wind and weather and are essential for survival.  The same roost trees may be used year after year!

More Information For:

Home and Building Construction
Linear Infrastructure Construction (roads, trails, canals, power lines, and other linear utilities)
Vertical Infrastructure Construction (communication towers and other vertical structures)
Timber and Forestry Operations
Recreation - Motorized and Non-Motorized (hiking, camping, ATV use, and boating)

Other Activities Likely to Cause Disturbance …
Aircraft Use (Helicopter or Fixed-Wing)
or other loud, intermittent noise (including fireworks)
or Oil/Natural Gas Drilling/Refining
Habitat Alteration
(such as Shoreline or Wetland Alteration)
Dock/Mooring/Marina Installation
Water Impoundment


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Last updated: April 9, 2012

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