Puyallup Tribal biologist at work

Justin Paul, salmon biologist for the Puyallup Tribe, conducts a survey in the upper White River watershed.
Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

Tribal Biologists Working to Save Threatened Chinook Salmon

Check out this story about the work of biologists from the Puyallup Tribe of Indians working to save threatened spring chinook salmon in the White River on the Puget Sound. Conservation stories like this celebrate the dedicated efforts of northwest tribes to build human capacity, save threatened and endangered species, and protect important natural and cultural resources.

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Fall Chinook are one of the five species of salmon in the water system impacted by the Wanapum Dam

Fall Chinook are one of the five species of salmon in the water system impacted by the Wanapum Dam
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

A Dam Crack'd: How the Fractured Wanapum Spillway Brought Us Together

Hard times bring families together. The same is true for the Service and our state and Tribal partners. A Service hydropower and energy coordinator shares his experience during the urgent Wanampum spillway repairs in which partnership was key to fixing the dam and insuring safe passage for fish.

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Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle
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National Eagle Repository to Implement Changes for Eagle Feather Distribution

The Service recognizes the importance of eagles in the cultural and religious pursuits of many Tribal members, and is committed to facilitating those pursuits through the distribution of eagles and their parts by the National Eagle Repository.  Thousands of eagle orders are filled each year, however, the wait times for different eagle parts may vary due to the number of orders that exceed the number of eagles in the Repository.  The Repository has recognized the need to change it's distribution processes in an attempt to decrease current wait times for eagles, their parts and feathers.  These changes will be implemented starting June 1st.

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