Bull Trout
Pacific Region  

Final Critical Habitat for Bull Trout Clark Fork River Basin Unit: 31

Final Critical Habitat GIS Data

Final Critical Habitat KML Data for use with Google Earth


Lake Pend Oreille Index  (PDF File ) 
Lake Pend Oreille Map 1  (PDF File 390 KB) 
Lake Pend Oreille Map 2  (PDF File 270 KB) 
Lake Pend Oreille Map 3  (PDF File 251 KB) 
Bitterroot River  (PDF File 538 KB) 
Blackfoot  (PDF File 415 KB) 
Clearwater River and Lakes  (PDF File 273 KB) 
Flathead Lake, North Fork Flathead River  (PDF File 418 KB) 
Flathead Lake, Middle Fork Flathead River  (PDF File 395 KB) 
Hungry Horse Reservoir, South Fork Flathead River  (PDF File 411 KB) 
Lower Clark Fork River  (PDF File 567 KB) 
Middle Clark Fork River  (PDF File 474 KB) 
Rock Creek  (PDF File 391 KB) 
Swan River and Lakes  (PDF File 381 KB) 
Upper Clark Fork River  (PDF File 403 KB) 
Priest Lakes  (PDF File 277 KB ) 





Last updated: October 12, 2010