Bull Trout
Pacific Region  

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  2005.  Bull Trout Core Area Conservation Status Assessment. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Portland, Oregon.

Conservation Status Assessment Maps

Map A - C Rank by Core Areas

Map B - Core Areas by Population Size

Map C - Core Areas by Distribution

Map D - Core Areas by Population Trend

Map E - Core Areas by Threats

Map F - P-Value by Core Areas

Map G - P-Value + 0.25

Map H - P-Value + 0.50

Map I - P-Value - 0.25

Map J - P-Value - 0.50

Map K - Dominant Life History by Core Area

Map L - Number of Migratory Forms by Core Area

Map M - External Connectivity among Core Areas

Map N - Internal Connectivity within Core Areas

Map O - Core Area Interaction with Canda

Map P - Road Density by Core Area

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