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Baldtop Iris and ButtercupThe North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative is a self-directed partnership between federal agencies, states, Tribes/First Nations, non-governmental organizations, universities, and other entities to collaboratively define science needs and jointly address broad-scale conservation issues, such as climate change in a defined geographic area. Learn More (3.5 MB pdf file)

The NPLCC combines the collective science capacity, infrastructure, creativity, perspectives and, sometimes, financial resources of existing partnerships and programs to address decision support needs on a comprehensive scale. It is a forum for developing a common understanding of change driven by climate and related stressors and its success depends on active engagement of partners throughout the region.

Bald EagleTribes and First Nations, Pacific Coast Joint Venture, Western Governors Association, state agencies and others are all actively involved with natural and cultural resource management. Major regional climate change efforts underway in the Pacific Northwest, include the three Climate Science Centers and NOAA Regional Integrated Sciences and  Assessments programs, the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center and the University of Alaska, the University of Washington's Climate Impacts Group; Oregon State University's Oregon Climate Change Research Institute; the Pacific Institute for Climate Change and the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium in British Columbia, Interagency Federal Research Coordination via the Climate Change Collaboration (C3) group; and key regional efforts by nongovernmental organizations.


  • See the NPLCC Charter (513KB) for a list of partnership organizations represented on the Steering Committee 

The NPLCC intends to engage partners in a number of ways and is developing a communication and outreach strategy.  In addition, the NPLCC created a  Partnership Liaison Subcommittee that has a dual role of interacting with the broader NPLCC Community to bring partner organization’s priorities to the NPLCC Steering Committee for consideration and also encouraging the appropriate use of the products and tools developed by the NPLCC.  The Subcommittee will:

  • Support the development and progress of the other LCC Subcommittees through staff and resources.
  • Promote cooperation, coordination, consolidation of information, and collaboration among partner organizations to support the purpose, goals, and priorities of the NPLCC.
  • Identify funding opportunities and other available resources (e.g., staff, in-kind services) to support priority projects and activities.

If you or our organization is interested in participating in the NPLCC, please contact:

Last updated: March 14, 2012
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