La Grande Field Office

Background. The La Grande Field Office was opened in 2002 to bring Fish and Wildlife Service resources closer to the community and to facilitate collaboration with local partners and stakeholders in addressing natural resource issues in northeastern Oregon.  The officie is housed in the same building as the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest’s La Grande Ranger District in La Grande, Oregon.

Jurisdiction. The La Grande Field Office's area of responsibility extends to seven counties in northeastern Oregon: Malheur, Baker, Grant, Union, Wallowa, Umatilla, and Morrow.

What We Do.

  • Technical Assistance. We assist federal, state, and local agencies, as well as private entities by providing Endangered Species Act consultations, watershed assessment reviews, restoration activities, and technical support for ecosystem management.

  • Partnerships. We work in partnership with local federal, state, tribal, county and private entities to recover listed species and their habitats, to ensure viability of species and to minimize or avoid the need for future listings.

  • Private Landowners. With the support of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office, we seek opportunities to develop partnerships with local private landowners.Technical and financial assistance is available for conservation projects.

  • Planning Assistance. We implement several habitat conservation programs and provide long range planning advice to county and municipal governments.

Photo - Washington Ground Squirrels (Jodie Delavan, USFWS).
Photo - MacFarlane's Four O'Clock (USFWS).
Photo - Greater Sage Grouse (USFWS).
Photo - Columbia Spotted Frog (USFWS).

Current Activities.

  • Species Recovery. We are working to recover and conserve listed and sensitive species, including bull trout, Spalding's Catchfly, MacFarlane's Four O'clock, Howell's Spectacular Thelypody, Columbia spotted frog, and Washington ground squirrel.

  • ESA Consultations. We conduct ESA (Endangered Specie Act) consultations for projects that may affect listed species.

  • Partners Program. Through the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program we work to restore fish and wildlife habitat on private lands.  (To learn more, please see Partners’ Successes in Eastern Oregon)

  • Bull Trout. We are coordinating the monitoring of bull trout populations in Wallowa County. (Wallowa County monitoring effort)

  • Columbia Spotted Frog. We are monitoring Columbia spotted frog populations in Malheur County. (Malheur County monitoring effort)

  • Gray Wolf. We are working with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to respond to gray wolf issues in Oregon.

  • Outreach and Education. We collaborate with other partners to conduct outreach and education programs and make them available to the local community.

Species of Interest in Northeastern Oregon





Bull trout
Pacific lamprey

Gray wolf
Pygmy rabbit
Washington ground squirrel
Columbia spotted frog

Bald eagle
Sharp-tailed grouse
Greater sage grouse
Mountain quail

Howell's spectacular thelypody
MacFarlane's four o'clock
Spalding's catchfly
Greenman's desert parsley

How to Contact Us

Office Staff

Gary Miller, Field Supervisor
Marisa Meyer, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Endangered Species
Suzanne Anderson , Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Endangered Species
Gretchen Sausen, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Endangered Species
John Stephenson, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Private Lands/Wolf Coordinator

Office Location
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
La Grande Field Office
3502 Hwy 30
La Grande, OR 97850
Phone: 541-962-8584; Fax: 541-962-8581




(541) 962-8509
(541) 962-8593
(541) 962-8583
(541) 962-8695
(541) 312-6429






Items of Note

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Photo - Fleabane and butterfly stake (USFWS).
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Bull Trout
Photo - Bull trout (USFWS).
Bull Trout Redd Monitoring in the Wallowa Mountains

2014 Report

Bull Trout: A Native Cold Water Fish

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(including Recovery Unit Maps)

Gray Wolf
Photo - Gray wolf (USFWS).
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Gray Wolf News and Recovery Status Reports

Wolves in Oregon
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Greater Sage Grouse
Photo - Greater Sage Grouse (Wikipedia) Click on photo to view species fact sheet.
Federal Register Notice 12-Month Findings for Petitions to List the Greater Sage-Grouse as Threatened or Endangered

USFWS Mountain-Prairie Region
Greater Sage-Grouse Information Site

Spalding's Catchfly
Photo - Spalding's Catchfly (USFWS).

5-Year Status Review
(April 2008)

Recovery Plan
(September 2007)