Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

Refuge Rules and Regulations

Credit: USFWS

Credit: USFWS

Entry only during posted hours. Closing times strictly enforced. Allow time to return to your vehicle and leave the area before posted closing time.

Observe the posted speed limits for your safety and for the safety of wildlife and others.

We enforce federal, state, county, and refuge regulations regarding the possession and consumption of alcohol.

Persons possessing, transporting, or carrying firearms on National Wildlife Refuges must comply with all provisions of state and local law. Firearms are prohibited in all buildings. Persons may only use (discharge) firearms in accordance with refuge regulations (50 CFR 27.42 and specific refuge regulations in 50 CFR Part 32).

Buses, RV’s and automobiles may not idle for more than five minutes.

You must have a valid entrance pass (weekly, Okefenokee Annual Pass, Interagency Annual Pass, Access Pass, Senior Pass, Volunteer Pass, Military Pass, or Duck Stamp).

Display pass or placard clearly on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Stay on marked walking trails and roads.

Bikes are allowed only on paved roads. Children under 16 must wear a bike helmet. Park bicycles at racks located at the entrance to the boardwalk, homestead and other hiking trails.

In-line skates, skateboards, scooters, and/or roller-skates are prohibited.

Pack out any litter you generate and any you find.

Riding on back of pickup trucks is not permitted.

Organized games such as baseball, football, Easter egg hunting etc. are not permitted on the refuge.

Plants, Animals and Artifacts

Disturbing or collecting plants, animals or artifacts is strictly probhibited.

Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 10 feet at all times. Pets are not permitted in boats, public buildings or on boardwalks.

Do not feed or harass wildlife.

Boating and Fishing

Stay on marked trails.

Outboard motors are limited to 10 hp or less.

Everyone in your boat must have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life preserver. Georgia law requires children 14 and under to wear life preservers in boats.

Fishing is allowed if you have a valid Georgia fishing license and follow state laws.

Do not fish with live fish or use trotlines.

Swimming and wading in refuge waters is prohibited, due to danger from alligators.

Pets are not allowed in boats.

Wilderness Canoe Trail System

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Last updated: March 19, 2014