Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

Great Photo Spots in Okefenokee

Alligator Mother. Credit: USFWS
GreenTree Frog. Credit: Blaine Eckberg/USFWS

We encourage you to take photographs while visiting the refuge. However, you must follow refuge regulations and proper photographer etiquette. Remember, all wildlife, plants and natural and cultural artifacts are protected. It is against federal law to do anything that will harm or disturb plants, wildlife or their habitats. There are many great photo spots you can visit either by car, on foot, or by boat.

Location Nearest Entrance Description/Highlights
Suwannee Canal Entrance Road East Entrance  Look for the trees marked with white bands to spot red-cockaded woodpeckers in early morning and late evening.
Suwannee Canal and Boat Basin East Entrance In the boat basin and canal next to the visitor center, one can often see alligators sunning themselves, birds, water turtles, and fish. Several habitats with their different vegetation meet here.
Swamp Island Drive Long Ditch East Entrance A place your virtually guaranteed to see one or more alligators swimming next to carnivorus pitcher plants and ferns.
Chesser Island Homestead East Entrance Historic "Swamper" home and outbuildings including a garden, syrup shed and cane grinder. This is a good place to look for snakes, lizards, and song birds to photograph.
Swampwalk Boardwalk East Entrance This 3/4-mile boardwalk goes through three habitats where you can often see song birds, wading birds, lizards, and carnivorous plants.
Owl's Roost Tower East Entrance A 40-foot tower that overlooks Seagrove Lake and Chesser Prairie, this is a great place to take panorama shots and see wading birds in the distance.
Stephen C. Foster Gate West Entrance Deer, armadillo and other wildlife are often seen here so make sure you are traveling slowly to get your good photo shots.
Pine Upland Nature Trail West Entrance A 1 1/2 mile trail through pine and scrub-shrub habitat where hurrah bush and loblolly bay can be photographed along with majestic pines.
Trembling Earth Boardwalk West Entrance This 1/2-mile boardwalk goes through several habitats where one can see song birds in the cypress trees and long-leaf pine trees.
Billys Lake West Entrance Moss-draped cypress trees reflect off black water along the edge of this 4 1/2 mile-long lake teaming with alligators, fish and turtles.
Billys Island West Entrance Once home to a thriving community, now all that remains is a graveyard and rusting pieces of machinery amongst the pines and palmettos of a upland forest.
Floyds Island Cabin West Entrance To get photos of this former hunting cabin, one must paddle a boat to this remote pine island after obtaining a Wilderness Canoe permit.
Okefenokee Swamp Park Wildlife Enclosures North Entrance This artificial enclosures allow one to get closeups shots of wildlife found in Okefenokee including bear, deer, otter, alligators and many types of snakes..
Okefenokee Swamp Park Gardens North Entrance Beautiful native and non-native plants are arranged around the buildings and trails of this park.
Kingfisher Canal Kingfisher Landing Take a boat down the remains of a canal to the red or green trail where one will come across many stunning aquatic plants including the unique and very large "okefenokensis" pitcher plant.
Last updated: March 2, 2012