Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

Canoeing Rules and Regulations

Wilderness Canoeing Rules and Regulations

Wilderness Canoeing credit USFWS
Wilderness Canoeing- credit: USFWS
  1. • The canoe permit must be carried by the group leader, who is responsible for the entire party.
  2. • Parties must launch before 10:00 am to ensure that the overnight stop is reached before dark each day. All members of the party must be present at the time of departure.
  3. • Each canoe party must register when entering and leaving the swamp.
  4. • Pets and swimming are not permitted in the swamp.
  5. • Motors of any kind are not permitted on canoe trips.
  6. • Keep trails free from litter. Please carry out any litter you generate.
  7. • All flora and fauna in the swamp are protected. Do not feed or harass any animals or pick plants.
  8. • Follow the route exactly as it is on your permit. Do not leave designated trail.
  9. • You must remain at the designated overnight area between sunset and sunrise. Each party must leave platform by 10:00 am.
  10. • Open fires are permitted only at Canal Run, and Floyd's Island.
  11. • Portable toilets with disposable bags are recommended. Restroom facilities are available at overnight stops and day-use shelters. See MAP for more detailed locations.
  12. • Portable camp stoves are required for cooking in areas where campfires are not permitted.
  13. • All licenses, permits, equipment, and effects, including vehicles and canoes are subject to inspection by state and federal officers.
  14. • All state, federal and county laws regarding alcohol consumption are strictly enforced.
  15. • Any additions or changes to permits must be completed prior to departure.
  16. • Entrance fees are included in the Overnight canoeing permit.
  17. • Unauthorized commercial guiding and outfitting is strictly prohibited. Click here for guiding regulations.

NOTE: Parking placards showing your permit number must be displayed on dash of all vehicles you leave parked overnight at any refuge entrance.

Last updated: March 19, 2014