Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region


This is a listing of facilities and services at Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge that are accessible for people with mobility, vision, and/or hearing limitations.

Refuge Website
Vision Impaired Accessibility- Adjustable text size (adjustable with your internet browser), most pages readable by a screen reader.
Foreign Language Accessibility- French, Spanish and Chinese using foreign language converter at top of website. East Entrance Tearsheet available in Japanese

At the East Entrance (Suwannee Canal Recreation Area)
Wheelchair Accessible- visitor center, restaurant, gift shop, environmental education center, refuge office, restrooms, Swampwalk boardwalk, Swamp Island Drive, Cane Pole Trail, boat tours, all exhibits, wheelchair hunt in late October, fishing area next to visitor center 
Vision Impaired Accessible- boat tours, interpretive programs, some brochures, some exhibits, Swampwalk boardwalk  
Hearing Impaired Accessible- closed captioning for visitor center movie, boat tours, interpretive programs, text for most exhibits

At the West Entrance (Stephen C. Foster State Park)
Wheelchair Accessible- interpretive center, park office, gift shop, boardwalk, boat tours, restrooms, 1 cottage, 3 campsites, all exhibits, fishing in boat area
Vision Impaired Accessible- some exhibits, boardwalk
Hearing Impaired Accessible- text for most exhibits

At the North Entrance (Okefenokee Swamp Park)
Wheelchair Accessible- exhibit buildings, gift shop, boardwalk, restaurant, restrooms, all exhibits
Vision Impaired Accessible- some exhibits
Hearing Impaired Accessible- text for many exhibits

At Kingfisher Landing
Wheelchair Accessible- boat dock, information kiosk
Hearing Impaired Accessible- written text at information kiosk

At Suwannee Sill
Wheelchair Accessible- information kiosk
Hearing Impaired Accessible- written text at information kiosk

Last updated: March 2, 2012