National Organizational Chart
Office of External Affairs

Native American Liaison

    Office of Diversity and Inclusive Workforce Management        

Assistant Director Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs

Chief of National Wildlife Refuge System

Assistant Director Migratory Birds

Assistant Director
Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Assistant Director,
Ecological Services

Assistant Director
International Affairs

Law Enforcement

Assistant Director
Science Applications
Assistant Director
External Affairs

Assistant Director
Budget, Planning,
and Human Capital

Assistant Director
Business Management and Operations

Assistant Director Information Resources and Technology Management (CIO)


Director, National Conservation Training Center
Deputy AD Deputy Chief Deputy AD Deputy AD   Deputy AD Deputy AD   Deputy Chief     Deputy AD   Deputy AD Deputy AD



Division of Policy and Programs

Division of Administration and Information Management

Division of Natural Resources and Conservation Planning

Division of Realty

Division of Visitor Services and Communication

Division of Refuge Law Enforcement

Division of Information Technology and Management

Division of Budget, Performance, and Workforce

Division of Migratory Bird Management

Division of Bird Habitat Conservation

Office of Aviation Management

Division of Fish and Aquatic Conservation Programs

Division of Budget and Communications



Division of Conservation and Classification

Division of Environmental Review

Division of Budget and Technical Support

Division of Restoration and Recovery


Division of Management Authority

Division of Scientific Authority

Division of International Conservation


Division of Special Operations

Clark R. Bavin National Forensics Laboratory

Division of Technical and Field Support

Regional Special Agents in Charge


Division of Congressional and Legislative Affairs

Division of Public Affairs

Division of Marketing Communications

Division of Partner and Intergovernmental Affairs

Division of Human Resources

Division of Budget

Division of Policy and Directives Management

Division of Conservation Business Management

Division of Engineering

Division of Contracting and General Services

Division of Financial Management

Division of Economics

Division of Safety and Health

Division of Information Resources and Technology Management

Division of Operations

Division of Information Assurance


Division of Training

Division of Education Outreach

Division of Knowledge Resources and Technology

Division of Facility Operations

Regional Director
Pacific Region (1) Web site
Deputy RD
Regional Director
Southwest Region (2) Web site
Albuquerque, NM
Deputy RD
Regional Director Midwest Region (3) Web site
Bloomington, MN
Deputy RD
Regional Director
Southeast Region (4) Web site
Atlanta, GA
Deputy RD
Regional Director
Northeast Region (5) Web site
Hadley, MA
Deputy RD
Regional Director
Mountain-Prairie Region (6) Web site
Denver, CO
Deputy RD
Regional Director
Alaska Region (7) Web site
Anchorage, AK
Deputy RD
Regional Director
Pacific Southwest Region (8) Web site

Deputy Director

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Last updated: June 27, 2014
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