Gary Frazer

Photo of Gary FrazerGary Frazer is the Assistant Director for Endangered Species at the Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C. In this position, Mr. Frazer carries out policy development and management of all aspects of the Endangered Species program.

Until May 1998, Mr. Frazer was field supervisor of the Fish and Wildlife Service's Ecological Services field office in Columbia, Missouri. In that capacity, he was responsible for carrying out all aspects of delivery of Ecological Services programs, including endangered species conservation, Federal permits and project review, and environmental contaminants investigations throughout the State of Missouri.

From May 1993 until October 1994, Mr. Frazer was Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks in the Department of the Interior, where he provided staff assistance and liaison on a wide variety of Fish and Wildlife Service issues.

From October 1989 until April 1993, Mr. Frazer provided Washington Office staff support on wetlands regulatory program matters, spent 1 year on detail to the Environment and Public Works Committee of the U.S. Senate, provided staff support for the Wetlands Working Group of the Bush Administration's Domestic Policy Council, and served as acting deputy chief for the Division of Habitat Conservation in the Fish and Wildlife Service's Washington Office.

Beginning in January 1984, Mr. Frazer spent the first 5 years of his Fish and Wildlife Service career as a field biologist with the Service's Ecological Services field office in Gloucester, Virginia.

In 1981 Mr. Frazer earned an M.S. degree in Forestry with a Wildlife Specialty from Purdue University. He received his B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Iowa State University in 1977.

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