Codes / Forms

First, check out the website at http://oals.fws.gov for code sheets, tips and tricks and other information.

Second, e-mail Jason Duke at jason_duke@fws.gov or Sandra Silvey at sandra_silvey@fws.gov.

Third, contact a familiar person operating the system in your Region. Look at the OALS Users link on the web page for a list of users.

Fourth, call Jason Duke at 931-528-6481, ext. 216 or Sandra Silvey at 931-528-6481, ext. 200.

Fifth, send any new ideas and improvement information to Jason via e-mail. We are always open to new and better ideas. Thanks!!!

Useful Websites for Paradox Information

www.techtricks.com/paradox - This website has several tutorials and information aimed at beginners up to advanced programmers

www.thedbcommunity.com - This website is aimed specifically at Paradox users and has information on the program, programming with ObjectPAL, and even links to 3 listservers where you can post questions and receive help from other users.

www.wpuniverse.com - This website is the WordPerfect Universe website.

www.tek-tips.com/gthreadminder.cfm/lev2/4/lev3/27/pid/177 - This is a discussion forum for Paradox questions

Probably the best website to print manuals for Reports and Queries can be found at http://baymediax.com/portfolio/msutton/paradox . At that website, click on each of the query, report, and table files and print each one for your records. They are excellent manuals.

A good, complete Intro to Paradox tutorial can be found at http://training.findtutorials.com/portal/id/74

My favorite on-line tutorials for Paradox can be found at: http://www.windowatch.com/paradox6_3.html .
At the bottom of the page, you will see links to her other tutorials.