Codes / Forms

The Office Activity Logging System (OALS) was originally developed using dBASE IV in 1993 and has since been modified to run first under Paradox 1.0, then Paradox 4.5, then Paradox 5.0, and now under either Paradox 7.0 or 8.0 or 9.0. The system was designed by Jason Duke of the Cookeville, Tennessee, Field Office and has been modified in an attempt to suit the reporting needs of many offices. The goal of this system is to make the task of reporting simpler for all offices.

Why is there only one table? 
Because national upkeep of multiple table systems requires a staff of more than one person. The flat table structure of OALS works well.

Why Paradox? 
When the system was first developed in 1993, Paradox was more advanced than Access. The Paradox version runs well now and an Access port would not be advantageous without any new functionality that Paradox cannot already provide.

Why use codes?
Nationwide systems encompass work in a wide variety of ecosystems with thousands of different agencies, species, staff members, and types of work. Codes are needed to maintain standards, backward-compatibility, and allow other offices, your Regional Office, or the Washington Office to query your system.

Do I have to use GIS to use this?
No, you do not have to be a GIS-capable office to operate OALS.

What will this cost me? 
Both OALS and Paradox Runtime are free. You may elect to scan images into the system and if so, will need to purchase a scanner. Your time is your only real expense.