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Gifts of the Crow

John Marzluff 200x300The Keynote Speaker at the 2014 Shorebird Festival will be John Marzluff.  You can meet him and see his amazing presentation Friday, April 25 at 7:30 pm.  The talk will be at Hoquiam High School and will be preceded at 7:00 pm by an desert reception.  $15 Tickets are available at the door or at

Crows are mischievous, playful, social, and passionate. They have brains that are huge for their body size and exhibit an avian kind of eloquence. They mate for life and associate with relatives and neighbors for years. They often live near people and the ongoing connection between humans and crows – a cultural co-evolution – has shaped both species for millions of years The characteristics of crows that allow this symbiotic relationship are language, delinquency, frolic, passion, wrath, risk-taking, and awareness – seven traits that humans find strangely familiar.

With his extraordinary research on the intelligence and startling abilities of corvids – crows, ravens, and jays – scientist John Marzluff tells amazing stories of these brilliant birds in Gifts of the Crow, shining a light on their fascinating characteristics and behaviors. Teamed with artist and fellow naturalist Tony Angell, they offer an in-depth look at these complex creatures and our shared behaviors, illustrated with gorgeous line drawings.

With its abundance of funny, awe-inspiring, and poignant stories, Gifts of the Crow portrays creatures who are nothing short of amazing. A testament to years of painstaking research, this fully illustrated, riveting talk is a thrilling look at one of nature’s most wondrous creatures.

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2014
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