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Snakes, Frogs and Turtles!

Dates and times vary, there's something for everyone!Bullfrog (134x116)

Late summer and fall are great times to look for reptiles and amphibians!

Our "Snakes, Frogs and Turtles" guided walk is a great opportunity to come out to Back Bay NWR and explore with refuge staff and volunteers. We will discuss the different reptiles and amphibians that can be found at the refuge and then walk along the Bay Trail to search for these animals. The program is open to all ages so bring the whole family! Please call to let us know you are coming at 301-7329 ext. 152.

Dates and Times

August 29 @ 10am
September 5 @ 10am
September 6 @ 3pm
September 7 @ 10am
September 11 @ 4pm
September 13@ 3pm
September 18 @ 4pm
September 20 @ 3pm
September 27 @ 3pm
October 2 @ 4pm
October 10 @ 10am
October 11 @ 3pm

Tours will be led along the Bay Trail. Call 301-7329 ext. 152 for more information and to sign up.

Page Photo Credits — USFWS
Last Updated: Aug 23, 2015
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