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Red Rock Creek 512Fishing is permitted on the refuge in designated areas and seasons only and a Montana State license is required. Please read all applicable fishing regulations. 

Native cutthroat trout, mountain whitefish, and arctic grayling, rainbow trout, cutthroat-rainbow hybrids, brook trout, and suckers can be found in refuge waters. Mottled sculpin are often seen by people walking along Odell and Red Rock Creeks. Rainbow trout and brook trout were introduced to the valley as early as 1889.   

Historically the waters of the Centennial Valley were thick with arctic grayling, native cutthroat trout, and other fish. Now their numbers are fairly low, due mostly to change in historical land uses and competition from non-native fish. Red Rock Lakes NWR is trying to restore our native fisheries. Please help us by practicing catch and release fishing on our native cutthroat trout and arctic grayling. Feel free to keep your limit of the rainbow, cutthroat-rainbow hybrids and brook trout, all of which are not native.   


 We allow fishing on designated areas of the refuge in accordance with State fishing regulations subject to the following conditions:       

   All Grayling must be immediately released.   

 1. We allow fishing on all refuge streams in accordance with State River and Stream regulations, unless closure is necessary to protect nesting trumpeter swans or Arctic grayling restoration efforts.   

 2. We allow fishing on Widgeon Pond and Culver Pond. These are open under State River and Stream regulations to fishing from the bank, except for necessary closures to protect nesting trumpeter swans or Arctic grayling restoration efforts.   

 3. We prohibit fishing on all other refuge waters.   

 4. We prohibit all means of fishing except the use of pole and line or rod and reel while fishing on the refuge.   

 5. We prohibit the use of felt-soled wading boots on all refuge waters.   

 6. We prohibit bait fishing and allow only artificial lures or flies when fishing refuge waters.   

 7. We prohibit the use or possession of lead sinkers or any lead fishing product while fishing.   

 8. We prohibit tubes and other flotation devices while fishing on Widgeon and Culver Ponds.   

 9. We prohibit camping along roadsides. We allow camping only in two established campgrounds. We restrict camping to 16 consecutive days within any 30-day period. We prohibit horses in the campgrounds. All bear attractants including, but not limited to, food, garbage, and carcasses, must be acceptably stored at night (unless in immediate use) and during the day if unattended.   


 Find more information with the on-line  Guide to Fishing on National Wildlife Refuge  



Last Updated: Feb 11, 2014
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