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Description of Klamath Marsh Hunt Areas

Description of the area
Areas of the Refuge south of Silverlake Road are open to waterfowl hunting during the Oregon season. The area may be marshy, wet meadow, or dry grassy openings...or a mix of all three depending on water levels in the marsh. Some areas are only accessible by boat during years of good water conditions. The north portion of the hunting unit is accessible by foot from a parking area off Silverlake Road near the east boundary of the refuge.
Directions to the Area
The hunting area is approximately 50 miles north of Klamath Falls, Oregon via Highway 97 and east on Silverlake Road. US Forest Service Road #690 provides access to hunting areas along the east side of Wocus Bay. This road is poorly maintained. Other hunting areas are accessible via a variety of two-track Forest Service roads..
For current conditions: Contact the Klamath Marsh Refuge Headquarters at (541)-783-3380
Hunting varies greatly from year to year depending upon water levels in the marsh. In dry years, hunting for waterfowl is almost non-existent. Canada goose hunting can be good in wet to dry meadows and grasslands. Some years white-fronted geese are taken early in the season. Marsh hunting may require access by a canoe or other shallow draft boat using the launch on the west side of Wocus Bay. Duck hunting for divers and dabblers is good to fair in years with moderate to high water levels in the fall. Primary species taken are mallard, pintail, gadwall, wigeon, and green-winged teal.
Special Equipment
Dogs, decoys, waders, and canoe should be used as appropriate. Only motorless boats are allowed.
Special Regulations
Non-toxic shot is required for all game bird hunting. Only motor-less boats are allowed and all state boating regulations apply. All decoys, boats, and personal items must be removed each day. A 100 yard retrieval zone is located adjacent to Silverlake Road in which no loaded firearms are allowed. Camping and overnight use is not permitted on the refuge. Hunters may enter the refuge no earlier than one hour before shooting time. Off-road vehicle use is prohibited.
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2013
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