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Sacramento NWR Complex Wildlife

Red Swamp Crayfish

The Sacramento NWR Complex is the home to a wide variety of wildlife. Some species are seasonal while others live on the refuge year-round.

  • Seasons of Wildlife


    Each season brings a new look to the refuges with a variety of wildlife.

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  • Reported Sightings

    Falcated Duck

    What have visitors and staff been seeing on the Complex?

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  • Waterfowl Surveys

    Northern Pintail courtship flight

    Biologists conduct waterfowl surveys bimonthly September through April.

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  • Waterfowl


    Learn more about the different types of waterfowl that visit the refuge.

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  • Wildlife Checklist


    A wide variety of mammals including opposums, raccoons, coyotes, skunks, river otters, beavers, muskrats, and more live on the refuge. Click here to see the Complex's Wildlife Checklist.

  • Where should I go to see Willdife?

    For Directions to the Refuges of the Sacramento NWR Complex, click on the following links: 

     - Sacramento NWR 

    - Delevan NWR 

    - Colusa NWR 

    - Sutter NWR 

    - Sacramento River NWR 

    - North Central Valley WMA - Llano Seco Unit 

    also check our Sacramento Valley Birding Hotspots Map (click here)

  • How to identify Ducks

    Visit the USGS's page to see Ducks at a Distance by Bob Hines. A printed copy is available at the visitor center for a small donation.

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  • Endangered and Threatened Species

    Bald Eagle

    The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex is home to a number of Federal and State threatened and endangered species. Click here to see a List of Threatened and Endangered Species that occur here.

  • Nonnative Animals

    Bull frog

    Not all animals that are found here are native. Bull frogs are not native to California and have been known to eat new born ducks and the threatened giant garter snake.

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2013
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