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Its in Your Nature: Exploring the Wild

July 6 and 26, August 16, and September 14.Trillium 150x118

The estuary is radiant with complex natural beauty; home to a multitude of insects, plants, amphibians, birds, and animals, all of them linked inextricably to create a single natural wonder! Join a Refuge volunteer on this nature walk that is sure to teach you something new about the natural splendor of the Refuge.

Meet in the Visitor Center.

July 6, September 14: 9am - 10:30am.  

July 26, August 16: 10am - 12 noon.

All Guided Programs are free and open to the public (standard Refuge entrance fee still applies).  There is no limit on number of program attendees.

Page Photo Credits — trillium, ©Art Pavey
Last Updated: Jun 12, 2014
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