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Fishing Opportunities and 2013-14 Regulations

Credit: USFWS

Credit: USFWS

Refuge Hours - Daylight Use Only

Special Fishing Regulations

A no-cost permit is required to fish Refuge waters. This permit (The Hunting, Fishing, and Public Use Regulations Brochure - signed) may be obtained at Refuge kiosks, the Refuge office, by downloading here or by mail.

Sport Fishing is permitted on all waters of the Refuge during the open season, except for those specifically posted as "closed to all entry." Sport fishing will be conducted in accordance with all applicable state regulations and subject to the following special conditions.

The sport fishing season extends from March 1 through October 31, except for the Noxubee River and the borrow pits along Highway 25, which are open year-round. No commercial fishing activities are allowed on Refuge lands.

Limb lines, snag lines, and hand grappling are prohibited in Ross Branch, Bluff Lake and Loakfoma Lake.

Pole and set hooks when used in rivers, creeks, and other water bodies, must be tagged with name and address and removed when not in use.

When jug fishing, jusgs must have name and address attached to each jug and must be tended every 24 hours.

Fishing tournaments are prohibited on all Refuge waters.

Bow fishing is allowed on the Refuge during daylight use hours.

Cleaning of fish is prohibited within the Refuge's picnic areas, boat ramps, parking lots, and other public use areas.

Motor Vehicles - Motor vehicles are only allowed on all roads shown on the map, unless the road is closed by sign or gate. Vehicles must be parked adjacent to these roadways without blocking access to gates. Maps are available at the visitor center.

Fires - Fires are prohibited.

Littering - Please help us put litter in its place. Deposit all trash in barrels provided.

Accidents - All accidents and injuries occurring on the Refuge should be reported immediately at the Refuge office. Phone: (662)323-5548.

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For State Regulations or Information:

For further information contact:

Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge
2970 Bluff Lake Road
Brooksville, Mississippi 39739

Telephone: (662)323-5548
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Last updated: February 28, 2014