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The Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative (CCPI) is a United States Department of Agriculture cost-share program that allocates financial support to agricultural producers and landowners to implement conservation practices in priority geographic areas. The Copper Creek watershed was selected for the CCPI program because it serves as habitat for numerous threatened and endangered species. Copper Creek is located in the Appalachian region of the country, recognized globally for its biological diversity.

Virignia overview map indicating the location of Copper Creek within the Commonwealth of Virignia




Detailed map of Copper Creek watershed (PDF)

Water Quality and Habitats

Photo collage of water quality issues within the Copper Creek watershedCopper Creek riparian and instream habitats have been negatively impacted over the past century by agricultural runoff; livestock access to streams; dams; failing septic systems; bridges and stream crossings; and the removal of upland and riparian vegetation. The result is impaired water quality and habitat loss for mussels, fish, and other wildlife.


The Copper Creek Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative was established in 2009 by the FishAmerica Foundation in collaboration with the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Logo for the FishAmerica FoundationFishAmerica is the research and conservation foundation of the American Sportfishing Association and is dedicated to improving water quality, fish habitat, and sport fish populations through the creation of innovative partnerships between industry, citizens, foundations, and government.

Photo collage of images from the Copper Creek watershed

Program Goals

  • Better water quality for human and livestock consumption
  • Restoration of habitats for fish, mussels, and other wildlife
  • Recovery of threatened and endangered species
  • Community environmental stewardship in the watershed
  • Economic growth for agricultural producers and landowners



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