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Weir Information

The primary weir is approximately 40 feet long by 4 feet wide and is composed of vinyl sheeting keyed 15 feet into the bank on each side. The weir was constructed to an elevation of 1.0 feet above sea level. This is 0.5 feet below the ordinary high tide elevation of 1.5 feet. This results in the weir being submerged for a portion of the year, primarily between May - September. A row of vinyl sheeting was also installed along the length of the berm between Lake Tecumseh and Asheville Bridge Canal to prevent piping and potential breaches if the berm were overtopped by flooding.

The berm was also rehabilitated by increasing its width from 20 feet to 60 feet and sloping vertical banks to permit vegetation to establish, preventing future bank erosion.

Photograph of area before weir installation
Before weir installation

After weir installation
Photo of the submerged weir
Submerged weir



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