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Environmental Monitoring - Wetland Vegetation Monitoring

As part of the Lake Tecumseh Weir Project the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will monitor wetlands associated with the lake for a period of 5 years to document pre-weir conditions and ensure the weirs are not having an undesirable or unexpected secondary impact on wetlands.

The 2012 WETLAND MONITORING REPORT (PDF -2.75MB) is now available

The 2011 WETLAND MONITORING REPORT (PDF- 2MB)(PDF -2MB) documenting pre-weir and one year post-construction conditions is now available.

The 2010 WETLAND MONITORING REPORT (PDF- 2MB). documenting pre-weir conditions is available.

Photos of students from Christopher Newport Univeristy assissting with the wetland vegetation monitoring at Lake Tecumseh

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