Shoreline Conservation and the Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle
Northeast Region

UPDATE: July 28, 2011

Bavon beach homeowners met with engineers to view the plan for the offshore breakwater system.


Hear how the Service, landowners and other partners will save Bavon Beach and its special resident, the northeastern beach tiger beetle.
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Losing Habitat to Climate Change: The Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle

The federally listed threatened northeastern beach tiger beetle depends significantly on the remaining beaches of the Chesapeake Bay for recovery. It historically lived on sandy beaches from Massachusetts to Virginia, but the majority of remaining occupied habitat is found in the Bay.

Conserving Virginia's Coast

Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle (Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis):

The Service listed the beetle as threatened in 1990, and in 2009, after a status review of the species, recommended reclassifying it as endangered due to loss of habitat and associated decline of its populations. Aerial view of Bavon Beach

The Service has been developing an adaptation strategy for the effects of sea-level rise on the beetle. The strategy will include a combination of maintaining and protecting some areas of beach habitat while allowing others to change. This approach, if implemented successfully, should maintain sufficient habitat and beetle populations to allow adaptation to changing conditions.

Species Fact Sheet information (PDF-422KB)
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Bavon Beach in History

The area is home to the third oldest lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay and was a U.S. Army anti-aircraft training camp during WWII.

Get to know Bavon Beach through pictures of its coast, wildlife and people.
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Restoring the Chesapeake Bay:
Contamination, Wetlands and Shorelines

Local, state and federal environmental agencies have focused on the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the U.S., for some time.

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