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Project Reviews in Virginia

Step 3 - State Coordination

Determine whether a documented occurrence of any listed, proposed or candidate species is within the action area by contacting both VDGIF and VDCR-DNH; each agency maintains a different database and has differing expertise and/or regulatory responsibility.  Add any VDGIF and VDCR-DNH documentation to the project review package.

(A). If either agency provides documentation that a federally listed, proposed or candidate species is present within the action area, add “species present” under the conclusion column for the appropriate species on the species conclusions table.  If the conclusion for all species on your list is “species present,” go to Step 5.  Otherwise, continue to Step 4.

(B). If there are no documented occurrences of a federally listed, proposed or candidate species within the action area and/or the State agencies do not mention a species on your list, leave the conclusions column blank in the species conclusions table and continue to Step 4.

Project Reviews
Step 1 - Action Area

Step 2 - Official Species List
Step 3 - State Coordination
Step 4 - Suitable Habitat
Step 5 - Critical Habitat
Step 6a - Eagle Nests
Step 6b - Eagle Concentration Areas
Step 7 - Determinations

Step 8 - Project Review Package

Endangered Species

- Species in Virginia
- Species by County/City
- Species Fact Sheets

Critical Habitat
- What is it ?
- Critical Habitat Mapper

Permits & HCPs
- Endangered Species Permits
- Warren Co. Power Station Low Effect HCP

General Info
- Plants and the ESA
- Bald Eagle Information
- Mussel Guidelines
- Northern Long-eared Bat Interim Conference and Planning Guidance (PDF - 1.2MB)

Communication Towers
- Service Guidance on the Siting, Construction, Operation and Decommissioning of Communication Towers

Surveys/Habitat Assessments
- Approved Surveyors (for federally listed species & karst geology in Virginia)
- How to be a Surveyor
- Optimal Survey Times: PLANTS
- How long is an ANIMAL survey valid?
- How long is a PLANT survey valid?
- 2014 Indiana Bat Summer Survey Guidance

Last updated: January 27, 2014
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