Piping Plover, Atlantic Coast Population
Northeast Region

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  1. Word that describes how piping plovers blend into their surroundings to escape the notice of predators.
  2. Piping plovers do not build these from twigs like song birds. Instead, they simply form a depression in the sand.
  3. Habitat where piping plovers live.


  1. Status of the piping plover under the Endangered Species Act. This means the population would continue to decline if the species were not protected, and it might become endangered with extinction.
  2. On the east coast of North America, piping plovers breed from Canada south to this state.
  3. Keeping these pets on leashes, or leaving them home when going to an area with beach-nesting birds, helps protect the piping plover.
  4. These mammals are major predators of piping plover chicks and eggs in some areas.
  5. Left on the beach, this attracts gulls, raccoons, foxes, and other piping plover predators.





Last updated: March 21, 2012
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